Semi-automatic line for the production of solar thermal collectors

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The assembly line consists of 5 independent workstations placed in series.

It performs the following steps:

Manual operations: the laying of the insulation material and heat exchange radiator
Dosing through anthropomorphic 6-axis robot of the liquid mono and bi-component seal / sealant , depending on the customer’s choice,on the entire perimeter of the box;
Laying of the glass plate on the box using the same robot;
– Quality control.

The line consists of the following workstations:

# 1 – Box loading on the line and insertion of the insulation (Manual);;
# 2 – Insertion of heat exchange radiation (Manual);
# 3 – Seal-sealant dispensing and the glass plate laying on the box (Automatic), pick and place of the glass plate on the box (Automatic);
# 4 – Lateral closing profiles fixing (Manual);
# 5 – Angle fixing (Manual);

In order to allow maximum efficiency and flexibility of the machinery, it is possible to use the system both in manual or in automatic mode. The operator has a touch-screen operator panel for loading the recipe program, the working parameters and to display the status of the machinery, etc.. The machinery automatisms is managed and supervised by a logic PLC controller which is able, through appropriate software design, to control all the automatic cycle and store all production data.The management of start-up, shutdown, anomalies, configurable settings, etc. are managed and controlled by the PLC. Editing of the machinery parameters and/or displaying the  line status is run directly on operator panel using intuitive and easy controls. These can be displayed via monitor on the machinery in real time.

Main features:


– Maximum flexibility of use;

– High productivity (approximately 30 panels per hour);

– High standard quality of the finished product;

– Low maintenance;

– Line designed to be integrated with other machines (eg packers) downline of the same