Semi-automatic line for manufacturing solar PV modules

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The line of assembly of the panels is made up of n ° 4 independent workstations placed in series .
It involves the following steps :. Manual loading of panels to be assembled on the line (automatic on request);
. Dispensing through Cartesian robot of the seal / sealant mono or bicomponent on the entire perimeter of the box;
. Manipulation of the plate glass on the box through the second Cartesian robot;
. Manual unloading of the finished panel (Auto on request) .the line consists of the following workstations:

. # 1 Manual loading of the panels to be assembled on the line;
. # 2 Automatic dispensing of the mono or bicomponent sealant on the entire perimeter of the box;
. # 3 Automatic laying of the plate glass on the box;
. # 4 Manual unloading of the finished panel from the line.

In order to allow maximum efficiency and flexibility of the machinery, it is possible to use the system both in manual or in automatic mode. The operator has a touch-screen operator panel for loading the recipe program, the working parameters and to display the status of the machinery, etc.. The machinery automatisms is managed and supervised by a logic PLC controller which is able, through appropriate software design, to control all the automatic cycle and store all production data.The management of start-up, shutdown, anomalies, configurable settings, etc. are managed and controlled by the PLC. Editing of the machinery parameters and/or displaying the  line status is run directly on operator panel using intuitive and easy controls. These can be displayed via monitor on the machinery in real time.

Main features:

– Maximum flexibility of use;

– High productivity (approximately 60 panels per hour)with the use of only two human resources;

– High standard quality of the finished product;

– Low maintenance;

– Line designed to be integrated with loading /unloading devices unloaders of the panels on the line