Microwave treatment chamber : NEMOS

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NEMOS SYSTEM : the disinfestation of wooden products

MBL SOLUTIONS is a company specialized in continuous innovation in the field of industrial of Electromagnetic Radiation.

The project “Microwaves was founded in 2005, the year the company was founded with the aim of producing and marketing microwave devices that integrate, in industrial processes, the traditional method of heating and drying of different materials. Over the traditional methods, such as radiation, convection and heat conducting , there is the innovative process based on electromagnetic radiation.

Since then, the research results in the application of microwaves led to the construction of various applicators and waveguides, the identification of shielding and attenuation materials, the construction of transportation systems in using roller conveyors or conveyor belts, , the realization of systems with working in camera process (processing step) and continuous cycle process, the construction of induction systems of single microwave or combined with infrared, UV rays, hot air or vapor.

MBL SOLUTIONS is the market leader woodworm machinery manufacturing , both fixed and mobile for the treatment of disinfestation of antique furniture, wooden ceilings and other wooden products infested with woodworm. On these machines MBL SOLUTIONS holds numerous patents as a result of continuous research and development and skills gained in the field of restoration.