Pneumatic vacuum manipulators

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The MBL Solutions designs and manufactures “custom”manipulators for the manual handling of objects of various nature, size, geometry and weight.

Depending on the object to be manipulated, we develop the ad-hoc equipment on customer specifications.
The range includes:

. Pneumatic arm manipulators with payload up to 600 kg and a working radius of up to 3.2 m
. Pneumatic rope balancers with payload of 75 kg
. Vacuum tube lifters, the fastest and cheapest way to handle of boxes, bags, sheet metal and panels, etc.

The payload is up to 250 kg

MBL Solutions LTD customize their applications with special tools for gripping which are , vacuum, magnetic, mechanical, etc., built according to specific production needs for which they are destined. The sales department at Mbl Solutions Ltd It is available to assist the customer to perform tests and inspections, to better define the real needs and formulate the most suitable proposal.