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CARONTE - Machine For Public Places (Companies, Shopping Centers, Schools, Public Offices, Etc ...) For The Safe Management Of Disposable Protection Devices In TNT (Patent Pending)

CARONTE it is essential in all public places such as schools, factories, stations, medical centers, shopping centers, etc … where there is a need to dispose of facial filtering devices, gloves, headphones, overshoes because it ensures that these disposable devices are disposed of correctly, that they are not accidentally reused and not dispersed in the environment, that there is no proliferation of mold, viruses, bacteria, etc… inside the collection bag and therefore that the salubrity of the storage and disposal places is maintained.

CARONTE it is entirely built in stainless steel for food use and has a maximum size of L. 73 x P. 53 x H.155 cm.
It can be used in an industrial but also civil context since it has a consumption of less than 1 kW / h and a 230Vac power supply.

CARONTE chops and treats the disposable TNT devices used, such as facial filtering devices, overshoes, caps and gloves with a UV-C sanitizing process. This process prevents the proliferation of mold, bacteria, viruses and guarantees the correct and safe disposal of disposable devices

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