The growing need to automate the manufacturing operations and industrial processes in order to increase production capacity, reduce production costs and at the same time improve the quality of the products, has led to an increase in demand for increasingly sophisticated systems and machinery also in the field of palletization and transportation of finished goods. To this need MBL SOLUTIONS was able to respond effectively by providing solutions that have found a great costumer consensus. Each machine is produced exclusively within our factory allowing, in addition to a high-quality level, the correspondence of the project with the realization of the whole system as well as the cancellation of any dispersion. All phases of our production are followed and controlled by strict regulations that guarantee a constant quality. The effectiveness of the system is found in the on-time delivery, in correspondence to the customer expectations, in the efficiency of the post-sale technical support. Our product lines include:

  • Complete systems for palletizing bags and boxes

  • Cartesian and anthropomorphic robots for palletizing bags and boxes

  • Bag depalletizing systems for the plastics industry

  • Transportation systems

  • Chain or roller conveyors for pallets

  • Product wrapping and labelling systems