Biat 2014


A new international event is thus forthcoming for Mbl Solutions, in Bari (the factories are located in Corato), specializing in offering mechatronic solutions and innovation for Enterprises.

The group of engineers of Corato on which in 2015 will celebrate 10 years in business, all very young (under 40 years of age) and for some time now in the spotlight of foreign investors (particularly Indians, Algerians, Egyptians and Turks south -Americans) for a particular and innovative patent developed in the field of renewable energies: a photovoltaic module decidedly innovative and unique, able to overcome all the limitations concerning the classic photovoltaic module, and therefore suitable to resist and last over the time especially in countries with equatorial latitude where temperatures are very high and where the traditional panels degrade very quickly.

Among the special features of the Apulian patent (a glass-glass photovoltaic module free of organic components, on which Mbl Solutions is able to offer “turnkey” the possibility of producing clean energy with the supply of entire robotized systems for the production of PV modules of the latest generation), stands out the reduction of losses in efficiency due to the high temperatures of up to 10% and an increase in the architectural integration possibilities for installation in roofs and building facades. Its transparency, equal to at least 5% (modulo 18 cells), makes the product ideal for installations in greenhouses, agricultural shade cloth for crops in rows, shelters, shade cloth for parking.

The Apulian project of Mbl Solutions has been recently selected by ICE and Confindustria for the next edition of ( Borsa of Innovation and High Technology) held in Naples December 10 to 12 in 2014.

Project proposals will cover the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, renewable energy, environment, new materials, mechanics and aerospace.

BIAT aims to support the screening of foreign innovative companies, networks of enterprises, start-ups, technology centers and universities, facilitating the placement in foreign markets through commercial distribution agreements, technology cooperation, to exploitation of IP and licensing or by identifying forms of national and international funding.

The country focus of this initiative are the United States, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Germany, Austria, Belgium, China, UAE, Russia.

For the project Mbl Solutions, which is already enabling many foreign investors to re-design the future and the energy needs of their countries due to the usability of a clean and efficient energy according to the needs of “hot” countries, it is a further step towards the completion of an ambitious project.

“We have learned with great pleasure about the selection received by the BIAT – explains the CEO of Mbl Solutions , Eng. Luigi Maldera – that will allow us to further spread the plus of our innovative photovoltaic module that has been already subject of study by governments and industrial groups in different countries of the world that since 2013 have been demonstrating openly deep interest in their own investments. In Naples we have already scheduled meetings with potential investors from Austria, Russia, China, Canada, Japan and the United States. “