The Microwave Project goes back to 2005, the year the company foundation, with the aim of manufacturing and commercializing  microwave devices designed to integrate, in industrial processes, the traditional method of heating and drying of different materials. In addition to the traditional methods, such as radiation, convection and conduction , there is now the innovative electromagnetic radiation process.
Over the years the research results in the field of microwave application have led to the realization of different applicators and waveguides, the identification of shielding and attenuation materials,  the construction of belt and roller transportation systems, the implementation of systems including a step processing (closed chamber treatment) or a continuous cycle process, induction systems using single microwaves or those combined with infrared radiations, UV rays, hot air or steam.
MBL SOLUTIONS is leader in the construction of both mobile and fixed microwave machinery for the woodworm disinfestation  treatment of antique wood furniture , wooden ceilings and other products infested with woodworm. MBL SOLUTIONS holds numerous registered patents, the result of continuous research and development and skills gained in the field of restoration.