MBL Solutions SRL , Apulian excellence of mechatronics has been selected among the five finalists of the 9th edition of the Italian Mechatronics Award. The award, organized by Unindustria of Reggio Emilia with the collaboration of the experts of ”Nòva24 The Sole24ore”, the Mechatronics Club and with the support of the “Community Group “that aims to promote the culture of mechatronics technology in different sectors of national mechanical industry and show the national companies that have been able to develop innovative products such as to determine the distinctive competitive advantages on the international markets. The award ceremony will take place in autumn.

Among the latest projects on which MBL Solutions is working is the adoption of “bionic” hands with ultra-sensitive touch sensors to be applied in various industrial sectors and able to manipulate the products of all kinds with the sensitivity of a human hand.