Crisis of Companies and Innovation. The latest negative news related to the closure of famous industrial sectors in the field of Renewable Energy, born with the task of developing innovation and providing jobs, discourage those who still believe in the possibility of investing in this sector.

Is not the case of a group of young Apulian engineers that for several years, in sharp contrast with the Italian scenario, have been successfully investing in the field of Mechatronics and Renewable Energy. In particular in Photovoltaics of the latest generation, with the invention of a module which is admittedly innovative and unique in its kind, able to overcome all the limitations typical of the classic photovoltaic module thanks to the same construction features that distinguish it, and for this reason suitable to resist and last over time, especially in countries with latitude where temperatures are very high.

The successful idea, already patented by MBL Solutions , has successfully passed with flying colours the jury judgment of the Ideas Laboratory 2013, an initiative born to support the best innovations in the field of energy promoted by Multiutility SpA (belonging to the Dolomiti Energia Group) in collaboration with “Officine Italiane Innovazione”.

The competition is open to entrepreneurs, companies and managers who have developed significant projects in the energy sector in terms of innovation, environmental and economic sustainability, social responsibility and application field , MBL Solutions has therefore ranked first.

The award ceremony, at which the Apulian company was present through the Chief Executive Eng. Luigi Maldera in order to withdraw this important recognition, took place in a strategic context for the debate on renewable energy: 6 to 9 November Rimini hosted the 7th edition of KEY ENERGY, an International Fair for Energy and Sustainable Mobility and the 17th edition of ECOMONDO, an international event of Materials and Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development.