The production of goods has made enormous progress over the last decade and the automation levels have increased exponentially in all areas.

The number of goods is constantly growing and the ability of modernization of production activities has become key factor in making a difference in the global market and to reduce significantly the production costs.

We know this.

Innovation is the basis on which it will be shaped the world in the foreseeable future (new business models, new production methods, new scenarios and opportunities). The factories will be a key part of this revolution that will require great adaptability, more responsive, more efficient, more precision, more speed, more customization. It is therefore essential to integrate the factories of the future with mechatronic engineering, robotics, computer systems and sensors at every level of the production cycle; the goal is to make the factories always connected in real time more and more smart and efficient.

The skill of the engineers and designers, working in team, at Mbl Solutions is to reconsider, together with you, your factory.

We engineer, build and customize the manufacturing machinery and equipment that can resolve performance bottlenecks, optimize underused areas, redirect production paths, customize production, enabling the predictive maintenance, operate continuously at levels of unprecedented efficiency.

Machines always connected, able to talk to each other, collect, share and have access to data and information in real time to ensure outstanding flexibility and efficiency. Machines that are undoubtedly the backbone of your SMART FACTORY.

The following is a summary of completed projects divided by application area showing the Mbl Solutions team’s ability to engineer new technological solutions and to be able to address and solve all kinds of problems in all sectors of the production cycle.

The first mode is a real visual guide that helps you to discover what solutions we have adopted and that we could adopt in the area of your interest which could be the entire production cycle or individual processes, logistics, handling and packaging at raw materials semi-finished and finished products. It enough just click on one of the placeholder on the map to view the sector of intervention and the technologies developed.

If you prefer to see all the implemented projects ,you may use the list mode that you can filter by category.

If you prefer to see all the implemented projects ,you may use the list mode that you can filter by category.
Whether you work in the food or non-food sector , metalworking and textile industry, energy, so automation conceived at Mbl Solutions is ready to cover any sector of the factory.

We are engineers ,we design always a right solution.

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Liner production for the bulk material transportation »
Automatic welding of pins »
Loading and unloading of baking trays »
Pressing and folding of paper bags »
Processing of steel profiles »
Handling of doors and jambs »
Carton forming »
Assembly of door counterframes  and window fixtures »
Dispensing of sealants »
Arc welding »
Automatic shearing of metal profiles »


Handling through smart shuttles »


Projects in progress »


Cartesian palletizer »
Palletizing robot for wooden panels »
Depalletizing robot for bags »