New production and new delivery for MBL Solutions in the field of CUSTOM Engineering : this is a special system for the automatic folding of paper bags for the “automotive sector. It is a customized commission that MBL Solutions has created for a customer who sells big paper bags to several car manufacturers used for the packaging of “car spare parts” .

The machinery will be able to fold paper bags with dimensions ranging from a minimum of 1.00 meters x 1.6 meters up to a maximum of 1,10 mt x 3,50 mt packaging them in groups of 5 (this machine is able to package a maximum of 10 pieces simultaneously performing a maximum of 4 folds). The machinery is able to reduce the size of the bag to the size of a pallet, thus optimizing the transportation. It will be able to perform daily about 2,000 cycles per turn.

It is a machinery made up of mechanical and electrical systems. The  electrical ones carry out the automatic folding of the bag and the  dragging of the processed bag from one workstation to another (there are two double positions that work to fold).

This customized manufacturing will be able to optimize the production process, being able to fold automatically very large and bulky packagings. It will be also able to solve various health problems of workers since, being manually performed, it is very exhausting and arduous .

The production of this new special machinery, not available on the market, has engaged the engineers and technicians of MBL Solutions for six working months including the study of the system, planning ,design, construction and the related tests and the optimization activities.

A new work of “tailoring”, sewn up according to the real customer needs, has been developed by MBL Solutions, which sold the rights of this special machinery to the customer. The company located in Corato has also considered the entire amount of occupied by the system which has been realized based on the availability of the area within the  factory available to the customer for  housing this technological process innovation.